Welcome to Rebel Girl Research, where smart bitches take down research studies. We are tired of racist, sexist, ableist research masquerading as hard facts in order to reinforce a bullshit status quo.

We are badass intersectional feminists, and we started this site to decode the harmful hidden messages and biases in research studies.  You can search our blog and podcasts by theme, studies, media reports of studies, and kinds of bias. Contact us if you see a study that needs to be ripped a new one, and we’ll get on it.

We Believe:

  • There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.  We break it down.
  • Research is always biased, especially when it thinks it’s not.  But there is power in naming bias.
  • There is no such thing as neutral.  We will never stay neutral on this moving train.
  • Research and science have been used as forces of social control since old white men appropriated them.  We’re taking them back.
  • Research is only as good as the researchers doing it. And when people of color, women, disabled people, people living in poverty, genderqueer people, and LGBTQIA people have been systemically excluded from the research establishment, research is only as good as mediocre white men.
  • Research can be powerful tool for justice, if we do it right.
  • Revolution is possible.

We are:

Johanna Eliza Merfeld

Clark Valentine Jackson

Nechama Freyda Sammet Moring is a former midwife and current health equity researcher.  She loves participatory action research. Her bullshit degree is in medical anthropology, a discipline whose legacy she actively hates, and her life work is in reproductive justice.  She teaches research methods, anti-racism and health equity, which means she routinely makes fart jokes and tells embarrassing stories about wetting her bed to large groups of people in order to make some point she may have lost sight of momentarily. Nechama lives with her pit bull soulmate, Sam, and likes reading, long walks on the beach and sharing nightly ice cream with Sam, who has the sweetest doggy smile.

And this love song to community, solidarity and rebellion by Mare Advertencia Lirika sums us up: